First Aid

While we strive to prevent mishaps by being aware of hazards and taking precautions, accidents do still happen. Most will be minor, and Nelsons has topical creams to soothe and help care for the skin.

Cuts and abrasions are one of the most common skin injuries. Most are minor and can be treated at home by cleaning the affected area thoroughly and covering with a bandage or dressing.

A cut is a tear in the skin that will usually form a scab, which will then fall off a few days later after the skin underneath, has healed. An abrasion is where the upper layer of skin has been rubbed off after coming into contact with something rough.


Often caused by a bump or fall, bruises are not usually too serious and normally look much worse than they actually feel! There are 5 stages of bruising. A fresh bruise is usually a deep purple color, then after a day or two it will turn blue. The bruise will then turn brown, then green, then yellow and finally back to the normal skin color as it heals.

Arnica has been recognised for its beneficial natural properties since the 16th Century and is traditionally known to aid the healing process of bruises.  

Nelsons® Arnica Cream is a topical homeopathic remedy used for the symptomatic treatment of bruises. It can be used on all types of bruises resulting from injures, knocks and falls. 1*

If you are concerned about any of your symptoms or if symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and are taking any medicines either prescribed or bought yourself, consult your doctor before using any other medicine.

1 Read and Follow label directions

* The claims for these products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.