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  • History

    History of Bach® Original Flower Remedies Bach® Original Flower Remedies* were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor and well known physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and...

    Last modified: 10/01/2014
  • Heritage

    Heritage of Bach® Original Flower Remedies Dr. Edward Bach was a physician and homeopath who spent much of his life (between 1918-1935) discovering his simple system of 38 flower essences. He...

    Last modified: 27/11/2013
  • Reviews

    What do customers say about Bach® Original Flower Remedies*? “Star of Bethlehem helps me with PTSD. I love it” –Marilyn B., Amazon “Soothing. if you're going through a...

    Last modified: 03/12/2014
  • Customer reviews

    Check out what others are saying about RESCUE® products. It may be of some reassurance to know that you’re not the only who’s alarm didn’t go off this morning, or who’s...

    Last modified: 02/01/2015
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