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    Take care of your skin with Nelsons® Arnica Cream*, a lightweight formula containing Arnica and moisturizing Shea Butter. A vibrant yellow flower often found...

    Last modified: 16/12/2014
  • Nelsons® Arnica Drug Facts

    Nelsons® Arnica Cream* drug facts panel. Scroll down for details. Established in 1860, Nelsons is Europe’s oldest and most experienced homeopathic...

    Last modified: 16/12/2014
  • The right RESCUE products for you

    Discover the full range of RESCUE® products available in a variety of easy-to-use formats for you, your kids and your pets

    Last modified: 02/01/2015

    Last modified: 02/01/2015

    Welcome to, the site from the maker of Bach® Original Flower Remedies*, the only maker authorized by the Bach Centre. Each remedy is painstakingly produced exactly according to...

    Last modified: 20/05/2014
  • About the Remedies

    Dr. Edward Bach was a Physician and Homeopath who spent his life searching for the purest methods of healing. Dr. Bach discovered 38 remedies which he split into seven different groups that can be...

    Last modified: 05/12/2014
  • Create Your Remedy List

    Create a personal remedy list while also learning about the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies*, the system of homeopathic remedies formulated by Dr. Edward Bach. For a description of each...

    Last modified: 04/02/2014
  • Rescue Remedy

    RESCUE REMEDY®* is a combination of five Bach® Original Flower Remedies* — Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum — specifically blended to help you...

    Last modified: 27/11/2013
  • How to Take the Remedies

    Bach® Original Flower Remedies* are simple to take. Add two drops of each remedy (maximum of seven remedies) to a glass of water or water bottle. Sip from it as often as you want, but at...

    Last modified: 27/11/2013
  • Using On Cats & Dogs

    How to pick and use a BACH® remedy on cats and dogs Using Bach® Original Flower Remedies and RESCUE REMEDY® Pet products on your cat or dog* Before...

    Last modified: 27/11/2013
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