Iron Supplementation

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The current RDA for iron is 18mg for adults however this reflects the typically low rate of iron absorption from most dietary iron sources including supplementation. Healthy adults absorb about 10% to 15% of dietary iron, but individual absorption is influenced by several factors [1-8].

If you are not getting enough iron,  then you may be advised to take an iron supplement by your doctor.

Not all iron supplements are the same. The absorption rate of most conventional iron tablets is estimated to be an average of 18%.[1] This means that you are taking a higher dose of iron because the average person only absorbs a small amount. Your iron levels may be effectively addressed, but the iron that the body is unable to absorb is excreted therefore causing the unpleasant side effects that many iron supplement users experience such as constipation, stomach upsets or headaches.

Since pur-Absorb Iron has been a clinically provenhigh absorption rate, the body can get the absorbed iron that it needs without the side effects it doesn’t want with a much lower, highly absorbable dose. Lower dose, less side effects!


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