Thank you for your interest in pur-Absorb Iron. Unfortunately, pur-Absorb has been discontinued in the US. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1.800.319.9151 or CustomerServiceUSA@nelsons.net.

"My wife suffers from low iron counts and has tried the pills, which just made her constipated so she stopped. Saw this product and her levels are up and she has a lot more energy. Worth the $$"
–M, Amazon.com

"Finally!!! I'm getting my iron levels up! Great product!! This product is a godsend. I have had low iron (and low energy) for just shy of a year since my third child was born. I tried iron pills, and liquid "iron & herbs" and I couldn't stick with either because of side effects or taste. I heard of this product & ordered it right away. Seriously – it’s amazing. I have more energy & feeling better every day. The results are noticeable within a few days. If you have low iron buy this! No side effects (constipation) and fast results. Wonderful."
–MS, Amazon.com

“My son is 4 years old and has sensory issues with eating so therefore he is anemic.  We had tried the prescription iron drops and they caused stomach pains and digestive issues. Worried about his teeth being stained. He doesn't like the texture of iron gummies and after forcing the issue, the gummies didn't correct his low iron at all. Our son has NO problem at all drinking the pur-absorb. Takes a packet a day and he drinks it straight with a straw.  We give him a vitamin C chewable right after and we have no fussing or drama at all. His iron levels increased 7 points from 33 to 40!  We knew it was working when he no longer told us he "needed a rest" in the middle of playing but this is such sweet confirmation.  Thank you for providing a product that is safe for kids, natural and tastes great."

“I got this item cause it was on a special, and I had just run out of the iron pills I have been taking during pregnancy & nursing. An iron pill plus a prenatal just took the edge off the sleep-deprived feeling I was experiencing all the time. Within about 2 days of taking Pur Absorb, I was feeling better. More normal. I experimented, and was even able to stop taking the prenatal, but still feel great. I finished up the box about a week ago, and am back on a pill supplement. I am back to feeling tired daily. I definitely want to go get another box of this. Tastes metallic, but just drink it quickly or mix it as suggested. Very impressed!"    

–PW, Amazon.com