Acne Treatment Gel

Discontinued – Nelsons Pure & Clear acne care products have, unfortunately, been discontinued in the United States. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-319-9151 (choose option 2) or

Keep Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel on hand to target blemishes immediately.

Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel is an effective formulation of the four main ingredients with the addition of Sulfur to alleviate red inflammation around the outbreak.

How to use: Apply directly to affected area as often as required.

Susie Munachen

Expert Tip: You can plan almost everything except the weather and getting a blemish just before an important date! If you are struck with an unsightly blemish as you stumble out of bed and gaze into the mirror, don't panic. Wrap an ice-cube in cotton and hold against the skin to quickly reduce swelling and redness. Follow with the application of Acne Treatment Gel under your make-up, so the formulation can get to work immediately. Continue with applications throughout the day.

Susie Munachen, make-up artist

Active Ingredients: Arnica montana extract, Calendula extract, Hypericum extract

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Tea tree oil,  Trolamine, Carbomer, Limonene (tea tree oil source), Linalool (tea tree oil source).

Free from: SLS, SLES, PEGs, parabens, lanolin, silicones, artificial colorings & fragrances.