Blemish FAQs

Q: What causes blemishes? 
A: Blemishes can form as a result of the skin's pores becoming clogged with dead skin cells and the naturally occurring oil, sebum. Sebum then builds up behind the blockage, housing bacteria, which then in turn forms a blemish.

Q: Does eating chocolate cause breakouts? 
A: It is a myth that eating fried food and chocolate actually causes blemishes. However, you can certainly enhance the appearance of your skin by eating the right foods. Because human skin cells are constantly replaced, eating vitamin and mineral rich foods can help your body keep up with the high maintenance work. 

Did you know? Dark chocolate is found to have a high antioxidant capacity (four times higher than black tea) which makes it the healthier option over white or milk chocolate. 

Q: My teenager is suffering from acne - is this normal?
A: It is estimated that 85% of teenagers will suffer from acne to some degree during puberty. Acne is likely to be found in the facial area but also can be commonly found on the neck, back, shoulder and chest area during teenage years. Encourage cleansing twice daily and resisting the temptation to squeeze.