What do customers say about Bach® Original Flower Remedies*?

“Star of Bethlehem helps me with PTSD. I love it” –Marilyn B., Amazon

“Soothing. if you're going through a tough time emotionally and you're a sensitive person this may help you. No side effects noted. I took just a few drops every morning on the tongue.” –Syreneon, Amazon

“My doctor had me on some anti-anxiety medication that made my breastfed child iritable and I was uncomfortable with the chemicals going to my daughter through my milk. I purchased this and it is working better than the pills and its safe for my daughter!” –Erick B. M., Amazon

“I began using Star of Bethlehem essence and noted immediate, positive mental changes. I was reluctant about the advice to use this, but am very glad I am.” –Jeanette S., Amazon

“I went shopping at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and found these Bach Essences on the shelf and became curious. After doing some research, I decided to order the Bach Essence Aspen for everyday anxieties. WOW! Two drops in 30ml of water is extremely effective. I was so calm! Even if I thought of something bad, or some other thing I was worried about that day, it took the edge off. I slept really, really well after taking this!” –Jenea T., Amazon

“I've been taking Red Chestnut and it's really, like, unbelievable. I didn't think that two drops of that would make such a difference but it really has.” –Jessica, Phone Message

“My husband uses this. He has severe COPD and if he starts to get anxious - he takes just a few drops and it settles him down.” –Charlotte S., Amazon

“This product is known to work well for grieving and after loosing my child this definately helped me. I love using Bach flowers for many issues...especially since homeopathics are known not to interfere with meds.” –Priscilla3111on, Amazon

* The claims for these products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration