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Natural Healthcare Since 1860 | Established in 1860, Nelsons is Europe's oldest and most experienced homeopathic manufacturer. We aim to make the highest quality natural medicines, providing a wider choice of safe and effective healthcare options for you and your family.* We are the authorized maker of the BACH® ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES and RESCUE® brands, worldwide. Our current range of healthcare products includes:

Bach® Original Flower Remedies


The culmination of a life's work for Dr Edward Bach, this system of 38 plant and flower based remedies helps manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each of the 38 remedies aids a specific emotion and personal combinations can be tailored to everybody's individual needs. (Always read the label.) Go to BachRemedies.com >



Discover the full range of RESCUE® products available in a variety of easy-to-use formats for every day stress relief, sleep, skin care, kids, and pets. The RESCUE® line is a classic combination of five of the Bach® Original Flower Remedies to calm and reassure in daily stressful situations. Go to RescueRemedy.com >



Whatever stresses out your pets, RESCUE REMEDY® Pet can calm them down — naturally. For over 80 years it has been recommended by veterinarians and pet owners alike to help pets ease fear, anxiety and behavioral issues. Go to BachRescueRemedyPet.com >

From the maker of BACH RESCUE


The line of dietary supplements from the market leader in over the counter stress relief. Go to RESCUE PLUS page >

Nelsons® Arnica Cream


Nelsons® Arnica skin cream for bruising, aches, and stiffness. Take care of your skin with Nelsons® Arnica Cream, a lightweight formula containing Arnica and moisturizing Shea Butter. A vibrant yellow flower often found in mountainous regions, Arnica has been used for generations to soothe and care for the sking. Nelsons® Arnica Cream is free from parabens, artificial colors and perfume. Go to ARNICA page >

About Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 200 years and are today used by millions of people worldwide. Homeopathic medicines are obtained from a precise and controlled process of successive homeopathic dilutions. They are commonly made by crushing a plant, animal, or mineral substance then putting it into a solvent such as grain alcohol. Learn more about Homeopathic Dilution >

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pur-Absorb Iron, Nelsons H+care Hemorrhoid Cream and Wipes, Nelsons Creams, and Pure & Clear Acne Care are, unfortunately, no longer available in the United States. If you need additional information please contact Nelsons US Customer Service. We apologize for any inconvenience.


* The claims for these products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.