Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy

As part of our commitment to maintaining fair and equitable pricing with all customers as well as maintain the premium brand image that Nelson Bach USA, Ltd. (NBUSA) is known for, we are henceforth adhering to a Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy.

The policy, effective October 1, 2016, applies to all NBUSA products and to all retailers of NBUSA products, including but not limited to internet retailers, catalogs and retail store locations, who resell NBUSA products.

The minimum advertised price point for any NBUSA product is no lower than the Feature Price listed on the accompanying price list. This pricing level applies to, but is not limited to, any advertised price in any form including print advertising, internet advertising, pay per clicks, store circulars and flyers and verbal advertising (radio or video). The use of auctions online, such as eBay, where an auction may result in a final sale price lower than this established MAP Policy, is prohibited.

In certain cases, NBUSA may offer additional promotional opportunities which would fall outside the parameters of this policy.  In this case, the promotion would be clearly and directly worded to ensure understanding of all parties as to the accepted advertised discount for that promotion for specific items for a specific time period.

The MAP Policy is unilateral and non-negotiable. NBUSA constantly reviews and monitors the advertising vehicles of all customers to assure consistent adherence to this policy. In cases of violation of this MAP Policy, NBUSA customers will be allowed twenty-four (24) hours to bring advertising into compliance. If no change is made within the allowed period, NBUSA reserves the right to suspend shipments, forgo any allowances and/or reduce discount levels to that customer.

Thank you for abiding by this policy as it will retain a premium brand image and higher profitability for retailers of NBUSA. 

Please contact NBUSA Customer Service to receive a copy of the MAP Policy or for any questions. | 1-800-319-9151