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Dr. Edward BachNov. 25, 2009 | Dr. Edward Bach, the UK-born doctor behind the Bach® Original Flower Remedies, began his course of study in the traditional way at the University College Hospital, London. He was later made house surgeon there and enjoyed several years of general medical practice. He maintained an office and consulting rooms on Harley Street and worked as a dedicated bacteriologist and pathologist.

Long ahead of his time, Dr. Bach grew anxious with tradition and soon longed to uncover alternative methods of treatment for not only disease, but for the patients who suffer them.

He felt compelled towards a homeopathic approach, but felt even that was lacking in purity — something he felt was integral to his reformed method of treatment.

So, in 1930, Dr. Bach abandoned the relative comforts of his Harley Street practice and left London with an eye towards developing a new system of medicine based on what nature alone could offer him. He soon decided to settle down and create a centre for his work, for which he chose Mount Vernon and a small cottage in Sotwell, Oxfordshire. He spent the last years of his life there in Mount Vernon at what has become known as the Bach Centre and it was here that he completed his research developing the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies.

Dr. Bach believed that attitude of the mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness and wanted to find something that treated the cause rather than that the symptom. After identifying 38 basic negative states of mind and spending several years exploring the countryside, he managed to create a plant or flower based remedy for each one. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their happiness and physical stress would be alleviated as the natural healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more. His essential premise was that emotional health could open the door to physical health.

Seventy years after his death, Dr. Bach’s original remedies are sold in 66 countries worldwide. The guiding principle of “simplicity and purity in the method” remains the paramount for all those who work preparing and distributing the remedies, which are still made to his specifications in his home in Oxfordshire.

“Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is no difficult far away ideal to attain, but one so east and natural that many of us have overlooked it.” ~ Heal Thyself, Dr. Edward Bach

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