The Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Original Flower Remedies Crab Apple, Star of Bethlehem, Aspen & Impatiens
Now that you’ve learnt a little about Rescue Remedy and Dr Bach's philosophy, this section provides information on a small selection of the other 38 Bach flower remedies.


Many students who have attended Bach flower remedy courses with us have found that an effective and interesting way to learn about the remedies is to look at how different people might respond to being under pressure and which remedies may be useful to them in each case. We are all individuals and react differently, depending on our personalities and emotional outlook.

For example, when under pressure, some people might respond by:


Maybe this sounds familiar. You can probably think of friends and family who react in each of these ways. How do you usually react when put under pressure?

This section explores case studies on each of the above five reactions or emotional states, just as fun examples to introduce a selection of remedies and place them in context.

Maybe start with the reaction that you can most relate to (by clicking on the above links), or work through them in any order. Read through the case study and make sure you read about the remedies can could be applicable in this situation by clicking on the remedy profile links. This information will help you to answer the questions at the end of the case study and test your learning. There is a link at the bottom of each case study page to bring you back to this page to explore another different case study.


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