Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy 7ml & 20ml sprays


An introduction to Rescue Remedy

For many people, Rescue Remedy is their first introduction to the Bach flower remedies. It is a combination of five Bach flower remedies specially blended to help restore inner calm, control and focus. It is relied upon for a wide range of everyday stressful situations as it can be taken by anyone, anywhere.




The five Bach flower remedies in Rescue Remedy are:

  • Rock Rose - for terror and panic

  • Impatiens - addresses irritation and impatience

  • Star of Bethlehem - for shock

  • Cherry Plum - helps with irrational thoughts and a lack of self control

  • Clematis - for inattentiveness and a lack of focus

Rock Rose

The history of Rescue Remedy

On first using Rescue Remedy, you may not realise that there is a whole system of 38 remedies and that these were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a noted homeopath, in the 1920s and 30s to help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves. Dr Bach believed, as many doctors do today, that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness. When he died in 1936, he had developed a complete system of 38 flower remedies and also the famous crisis formula, Rescue Remedy. Each of these were prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees and bushes. The remedies work by treating the individual rather than the disease or its symptoms.

Dr Bach’s philosophy is covered in more detail in the next section of this course.


Rescue Cream 50g

Rescue Cream and other formats

Following the success of the crisis formula, Rescue Cream was developed for skin which is showing the effects of external stresses.

In addition to the five ingredients of Rescue Remedy, the cream includes an additional Bach flower essence, Crab Apple, for its cleansing properties.



Rescue is now available in a number of different formats:

  • Rescue Remedy Spray
  • Rescue Cream
  • Rescue Pastilles
  • Rescue Lip Balm
  • Rescue Chewing Gum


Situations when people use Rescue Remedy

Here is a list of situations in which people often find Rescue Remedy useful – maybe you’ve used it in one of these situations, or wish you had!

  • Examinations
  • Public speaking
  • Travelling or commuting
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Job interviews
  • Dentist trips
  • Bereavement
  • Looming deadlines
  • Holidays
  • Giving or receiving bad news
  • Fear of flying
  • Accidents


Test your knowledge - Rescue Remedy quiz

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