Bach dropper demo
Short term use (from a stock bottle)  

Stock bottles of the Bach flower remedies (like those pictured above) can be bought at chemists and health food shops.

For emergencies and passing moods, people usually like to take the remedies in one of two ways:

  • Directly onto the tongue:  Two drops from a stock bottle or four drops of Rescue Remedy.

  • Into a glass of water:  Two drops of each chosen remedy or four of Rescue Remedy.  Sip at intervals until relief is obtained.


Bach mixing bottle

Longer term use (from a mixing bottle) 

For longer-term feelings and problems, it is a good idea to make up a mixing bottle (like the one pictured above). You can usually buy these empty bottles alongside the Bach flower remedies stock bottles in chemists and health food shops.

  • Preparing a mixing bottle: Take a 30 ml dropper medicine bottle and fill with still mineral water.  Add two drops of each selected stock remedy into the bottle (maximum 6 or 7 remedies).  With Rescue Remedy the dose is four drops. When combined with other remedies, the already mixed Rescue Remedy is considered to be ONE remedy; add 4 drops to your mixing bottle.


Taking the remedies

When taking from the dropper bottle, take four drops first thing in the morning, again last thing at night and on two occasions in between; this is the minimum dose, four drops four times a day.  With this dosage your bottle will last three weeks.

In acute situations the drops can be taken as frequently as you feel the need.

Drops can be taken directly into the mouth from the dropper bottle or in a little water or a drink if preferred.  Do not touch your tongue or teeth with the dropper since this risks contamination of the bottle.  Some brandy could be added to the mixing bottle as a preservative.


How they work

The remedies don’t push down troubling emotions; instead they raise your vibrations and encourage the development of positive emotions.  The process is gentle and simple, as well as being different for every person.  A passing mood is likely to respond to remedies more quickly than a long-term feeling.  If you are working on deep-rooted issues, this will take longer than a recently occurring feeling.


How will you know it is working

It might take up to two weeks before you begin to feel a change.  As well as balancing emotions, other signs of a Remedy mixture working are:  smiling more, feeling more relaxed, connecting more easily with others, feeling and being able to express emotions more keenly, dreaming more, feeling better physically and responding more easily to other therapies.


Adverse reactions to a new remedy

The remedies are highly unliekley to cause any unwanted side effects, as they work on an emotional level rather than physical. However, in a few rare cases, people have reported feeling more strongly the emotional state that they are treating.  If this happens, it usually only lasts a few days.  Keep taking the remedy and it will pass.  Rescue Remedy is always there to help.


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