An introduction to the Bach flower system

An introduction to the Bach Original flower remedies


Welcome to this introduction to the Bach Original Flower Remedies, including Rescue Remedy® – a short, online course that aims to give you an insight into Dr Bach’s system of flower essences. This course is completely FREE. We hope you enjoy it and that it encourages you to learn even more about the Bach flowers.

Rescue Remedy 20ml dropper
Always read the label

Rescue Remedy – the gateway to Dr Bach’s system of flower essences

Many people’s first contact with Dr Bach’s system of 38 essences is through the world-famous Rescue Remedy. Perhaps a friend lent you some during a time of emotional crisis, or when you were under pressure – maybe a driving test or exam.

What you probably didn’t realise at the time is that Rescue Remedy is a combination of five Bach™ Original Flower Remedies and that there is a complete system of 38 individual remedies to choose from. These can help you balance your emotions whatever life throws at you.


How the course works

This course is designed to give you an overview of a selection of the Bach flower remedies and how to use them to help yourself, family and friends when feeling under pressure.

The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Rescue Remedy – providing a clear understanding of Dr Bach’s most famous combination and how it is used today.

  • Dr Bach’s philosophy – providing a brief introduction to the thinking behind Dr Bach’s development of the essences and the seven groups that he placed the remedies into.

  • Other essences – introducing you to 15 frequently used remedies from the system of 38, giving examples of how different people react to pressure and how each of these Bach flowers can help.

  • Usage  – explaining how to use the remedies.

  • What’s next – giving details of how to take your learning about the Bach flowers even further. 


Most sections contain a fun quiz and/or an exercise to help further develop your knowledge of the remedies.


How to contact us

The course is designed to be simple to follow, informative, fun and interactive. However, if you have any problems or questions about the course, or if you are now keen to know how you can learn more about the remedies, please email Nelsons' Education team.


Getting started

It couldn’t be simpler! Just click the arrow below to start on Section 1 that talks about Rescue Remedy.


Please leave at least 30 minutes to complete the introductory course. You may need to use head phones if taking the course on a public computer.