Aches, Bumps & Bruises

Aches, bumps and bruises are part of everyday life – at any age. Bumps and knocks are a natural part of growing up and as they become independently mobile. The elderly can also be more affected by bruising, as their skin becomes thinner with age and the tissue underneath is more fragile. Although the elderly tend to be most susceptible to accidents and falls, we should all take precautions to avoid risk of injury and look for remedies to soothe and care for bruised skin.

Arnica montana, a vibrant yellow flower, native to the Northern hemisphere, has been recognised for its beneficial natural properties since the 16th century. Today Arnica is widely considered one of the first choice herbal and homeopathic remedies for bruising.

Some studies have shown that topical application of Arnica helps the healing process of bruises, sprains and muscle aches¹. Used topically, herbal Arnica can be applied to the skin as a balm, cream, gel or muscle rub, while homeopathic Arnica - Arnica in highly diluted form, is available to take orally. Arnica’s anti-inflammatory effects² may also help to reduce pain and swelling as well as assist the healing process.

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If you are concerned about any of your symptoms or if symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and are taking any medicines either prescribed or bought yourself, consult your doctor before using any other medicine.