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Over the years, our products have built up quite a following of fans – from members of the public to celebrities who have been quoted as using them.

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  • RESCUE® Remedy

  • Spatone™

  • Teetha™

  • Nelsons Pure & Clear™

  • Bach™ Original Flower Remedies



It is estimated that over 30 million people in Europe alone use homeopathic medicine and they are in good company with a number of celebrities reportedly fans of this system of natural medicine: Jennifer AnistonCatherine Zeta JonesJade JaggerOrlando BloomTobey MaguireSir Paul McCartneyNelly FurtadoNadia Sawalha and the Beckhams are just a few of the celebs who have been cited as having used homeopathic remedies to help improve their health and wellbeing. (Source: OK Magazine.)


Nelsons Arnicare™

  • "Very useful to have as a family in your first aid kit..."
    Mrs Amy Murhpy-Watts

  • "It's a must-have in the first aid kit for my children and myself..."
    Mrs Sarah Gardner

  • "I have recommended Nelsons Arnicare Arnica cream to loads of people..."
    Ms Rebecca Thomas

  • "It's fantastic - good for both adults and kids and I couldn't do without it!"
    Miss Grace Laslett-O'Brien

  • "Your arnica cream is great.  I had some facial reconstruction a few weeks ago and the cream really reduced my bruising a lot quicker than if I hadn't used your terrific cream.  Thank you for such an effective product."
    D Fitzgerald, Staffordshire 

  • "I use Nelsons Arnicare Spray after football tournaments to relieve sore muscles- it really helps.  The rest of the team have tried it and now we all have it in the changing room!"
    Chris Fell, Surrey 

  • "When my kids are off exploring and playing, it’s impossible to stop them from falling over, so I always make sure I have Nelsons Arnicare in the first aid box for when they come running in with new bruises. It stops bruises from coming up if applied quickly enough."
    Charlotte, Guildford


RESCUE® Remedy

  • John Davies, Consultant Psychotherapist says: "Going on holiday can be really stressful, what with finishing everything at work, deciding what to pack and the thought of long delays at the airport. Add to that the very real fear of flying and it can leave you feeling very anxious. I always recommend people try Rescue as it really can calm you down and make everything seem OK."

  • Carly Harding, Registered Bach Practitioner says: "For millions of people worldwide, Rescue Remedy has become an emotional ally - restoring a sense of inner calm when everything seems to be toppling down around them." 

  • Shakila Sanderson, Freelance Wedding Organiser And Events Manager admits: "I always keep a bottle of Rescue in my handbag - it's a life saver and really helps me stay sane when things start to get frantic. It's also essential for calming the nerves of my stressed out brides!" 

  • Sarah-Jane Atwood is the founder of her own Management Consultancy. A 37- year-old mother of two young children, she manages to combine her active lifestyle with the demands of a successful agency. Sarah-Jane explains: "I always keep a bottle of Rescue in my desk drawer for those moments when I need a little extra help. On days when I know I've got lots on, I'll put a few drops in a glass of water to sip through the day."  



Nigella Lawson, TV Chef, talks about a "Brian", which is a mixture of Berocca and Spatone. She reports: “it helps me get through the winter in fine fettle.”
  • Gaby Logan, sports presenter, says “I try to take a sachet of Spatone liquid iron every day.” She adds, “If my immune system is low, it’s because I’ve forgotten to take it.”

  • "As I suffer from very heavy periods I find Spatone helps my iron levels. It's much better than iron tablets, as they make me constipated. Spatone has no side effects at all." 
    A. Cuthbertson, Wiltshire 

  • "My ferritin measurement (via a blood test) increased within 2 months of taking Spatone . I like the fact it has no side effects and is easy to take."
    R. Owen, York 

  • "I was pleased to be able to give blood again after using Spatone for several months." 
    T. Lean, Nottingham 

  • "Excellent safe product, with no side effects." 
    A. Hopkins, W. Yorkshire 

  • "I feel like a different lady after taking Spatone for 6 weeks. I have angina and always had to have 1 hours sleep every afternoon, but not now!" 
    J. Lewis, Clwyd 

  • "When I was having thyroid problems, Spatone helped pick up my flagging iron levels and give me a much-needed energy boost." 
    A. Clifford, Gloucester 

  • "What a difference in my little boy he was diagnosed as having migraine of the stomach he gets very tired and his face looks very drawn and has black circles under his eyes because his iron level drops. Within a few days of taking Spatone - no black circles, lovely rose cheeks and plenty of energy  P.S. that's why I've started taking them to keep up with him." 
    P. Armitt, Co Durham 

  • "My 13 year old daughter uses Spatone on a regular basis the difference is unbelievable, she is bright-eyed, colour in cheeks, not as tired and her spots are hardly noticeable." 
    G. Fozard, Yorkshire 

  • "My son Steven was very low on iron as he has low blood pressure, Steven could not take the tablets from the doctor. Spatone has been a great help especially since he is now doing his GCSE's." 
    A. Jeune, Jersey 

  • "My two boys are vegetarian and I was worried about their iron. Not any more, Spatone is perfect for them, a great find." 
    A. Adam, Conwy 

  • "Great for my faddy eleven year old daughter and her older sister who has periods - diets and all the usual teenage stuff." 
    S. Russell, Wirral 

  • "This is the only iron preparation in the last eight years which my daughter has been able to take without any side effects. She suffers from Crohns disease and is particularly susceptible to any adverse irritant effects to the digestion." 
    M. Hart, Midwife, Scottish Borders 

  • "Since taking Spatone I have not had to take any tablets from the doctors, also invested in a bike. It works like a miracle." 
    T. Cox, Notts 

  • "I am a blood donor and on my last visit I was refused due to iron deficiency (very slight). But as I want to reach 100 donations (currently 84), I am taking Spatone to help. My doctor sent me to the hospital and now my iron level is normal." 
    M. Green, Warwick 

  • "There have been no adverse reactions from taking this natural substance. It would be beneficial if doctors recommended it to patients." 
    J. Daly, Devon 

  • "Spatone has made me more active in my daily work, apart from this, it has improved my sex life tremendously." 
    M. Akiode, London 

  • "I have been taking Spatone for years and the overall benefit to my energy levels and general good health has been brilliant."
    J. Putter, Cornwall 

  • "I'm a hard-working, sports-mad veggie and I notice a big difference if I stop taking it!" 
    S. Roundle, Liverpool



"Teething is hard for baby and parents. Mum and Dad are freaked out watching their little one with hot cheeks, screaming down the house. And it’s no picnic for your infant either. Nelsons teething ‎granules are brilliant – your baby will be able to chew happily on them and get relief."
Jo Frost, TV's SupernannyNow magazine 
  • "When I poured the sachet of white powder into Lily’s mouth (you can also rub it around a baby’s gums with a wet finger) I noticed a difference in about 20 minutes. She was calmer, less upset and ‎actually slept through the night."
    Becky, Practical Parenting magazine case study Jan 07 

  • "Teetha was the first product I tried, though I did buy a tube of teething gel as well just in case it didn’t work!  Fortunately I have never had to get it out of the cupboard.  The first time I used the ‎granules were a bit tricky to get it into Sophie’s mouth, but she began to recognize the packet and ‎liked the taste, so it just got easier.  Putting it on a spoon helped.  Teetha tends to calm Sophie ‎down in about 5 minutes, which is brilliant as she soon drifts off to sleep…."
    A. Bond 

  • "My baby loves them so much that he actually sticks out his tongue when he sees the packet. They really help, you just pour them into their mouth and they put it wherever they need it."
    L. Pascoe 

  • "I am definitely for these as my baby was really ill when his first two teeth came through and these teething granules were the only things that seemed to help him. I recommend these to everyone now!!!"
    Julie Gould 

  • "Having tried more other nappy rash products I was delighted to find a cream that really worked.  It was easily absorbed and dealt with nappy rash brilliantly.  It made me feel good too knowing that I ‎was using a product that was natural.  It’s now the only nappy product I’ll use."
    A. Apter 

  • What I like about Smootha is that it’s easy to transport in my nappy bag and easy to use.  It’s very effective and not messy like the thick white creams that get all over your clothes.  Also because it’s ‎in a tube it’s not as heavy as a tub and it seems more hygienic. I was delighted to find that your Smootha baby's bottom cream was the only thing which calmed my baby's skin when she had nappy rash. 
    Paula Millin

  • "Try Sootha (by Nelsons) we’ve tried everything over the last year and this comes up trumps regularly."
    No name supplied

Nelsons Pure & Clear™

  • "I am writing to let you know that I love the new Nelsons Pure & Clear Daily ‎Facial Wash. It has made my skin look clearer and it feels lovely and soft."
    M. Whittingham

  • "I would like to say how refreshed my face has felt after having had only two applications of  the Nelsons Pure & Clear Daily Facial Wash. I have tried other ‎face washes but nothing beats Pure & Clear."
    Ian Milne

  • "OMG your facial wash is like liquid heaven. I did not want to wash it off. I ‎have tried a lot of facial cleansers and because my skin is extremely sensitive ‎they usually burn and sting. Your facial wash did neither, it was cooling and ‎soothing on my skin. I know it will be my main brand from now on."
    Deirdre Good

  • "After using the facial wash I've found it to be really nice and compatible to my ‎somewhat temperamental skin. Thank you so much!"
    Jessica Jones

  • "I have now tried the Pure & Clear Daily Facial Wash and was pleased at how clean and fresh it made my skin feel. I have never used any of your products ‎before but I will certainly be using them again."
    Sharon E. Ainger

  • "I used the facial wash daily as instructed and found it to be pleasant and easy to use, with no strong smell or sticky residue after rinsing. The gel was clean-‎smelling and left my skin feeling well cleansed and protected from bacteria. I ‎am sure I will use this product again."
    Sandra Loder 

  • "I am amazed by the results! After using the Nelsons Pure & Clear Daily Facial Wash every day for a month my skin was much clearer and nearly back to normal, so I felt like my old self again. I now couldn’t live without it, and would definitely recommend it to my friends!"
    Hayley Smith


Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

  • “A bit of comfort and help in a bottle.”

    Julie Bennett, Sheffield 

  • “I don’t like flying and was dreading it till I was in Boots the chemist and saw Bach remedy drops, tried them and i haven’t looked back ever since”

    Maria Rao, Edinburgh

  • “Like carrying a friend in your pocket for those times you need extra support”

    Helen Steele, Devon 

  • “I have used them for 40 years and will definitely carry on doing so”

    Mary Young, Glasgow 

  • “When my best friend was going through a stressful time she used one of the Bach remedies to help her through the day, especially when she knew a stressful situation was due to arise.”

    Mary Bott, Cork 

  • “I have been using this for years, it’s now also used by my friend.”

    Jo Thompson, Kent