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  • Struggling to keep going?

    A drop in performance? Finding it hard to keep up with your training programme? Don’t just sit back and let tiredness and fatigue get in the way of you achieving your sporting goals. Low iron...

    Last modified: 05/08/2014
  • Sarah's Top Running Technique Tips

    What is good running technique? Running efficiently and with ‘good form’ just feels better and you’ll soon know when you’re running well and getting it right. With more...

    Last modified: 04/11/2013
  • Elle's Dynamic and Static Stretches

    I love to stretch! This is one piece of the 'running' puzzle that you must try to do to become the best runner that you can be. Dynamic stretching needs to be done before you run and static...

    Last modified: 04/11/2013
  • NEW! Spatone Sports Pack

    Lead Legs? A drop in performance and an onslaught of fatigue? Don’t just sit back and watch as your training takes a nose-dive and there seems to be no ‘logical’ reason as to why. Iron depletion...

    Last modified: 16/06/2014
  • Swimming

    Swimming is well-known as an exercise that is fun whilst being gentle on our joints, toning and strengthening all muscle groups and increasing lung capacity. As a low impact exercise, swimming is...

    Last modified: 19/02/2014
  • Women

    Generally, women have higher iron requirements than men due to extra demands caused by blood loss during menstruation or pregnancy. In fact of all the minerals iron is the only one where women's...

    Last modified: 30/04/2014
  • Over 60s

    As we get older, the ability of our stomach to absorb iron diminishes. This coupled with an often smaller appetite can lead to sub-optimal iron levels. Iron deficiency is fairly prevalent among...

    Last modified: 23/10/2013
  • Children

    Usually newborns have sufficient iron stores for the first six months of their life. After this time your child needs other foods containing iron in order to maintain a balanced diet. Drinking too...

    Last modified: 23/10/2013
  • Melanie Hurley

    I'm a mum of two who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I initially had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. While receiving treatment I decided I would like to give back to MacMillan for the...

    Last modified: 08/09/2014
  • Claire de Nervaux

    Me - living retro! Sport has been a life saver for me. My favourite things - Food!! Raw vegan food, green juice and raw chocolate! And I love sunshine! Hobbies - raw food eating (and making),...

    Last modified: 29/09/2014
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