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  • How the Essences Are Made

    Preparing the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies Mother Tinctures is a three step process. Step One: Mother Tinctures are prepared from plant material, flower heads and natural spring water...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • Who Can Take the Essences?

    Everyone Being yourself means being relaxed, fulfilled and natural. When we feel ourselves we are at our best. We can cope with everything that life throws at us. But sometimes… well...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • Bach Kits & Sets

    Our range of Bach Flower sets are an ideal gift for anyone interested in truly understanding the full 38 Bach flower essences. Each set offers a different solution depending on your need, from...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • 20ml Wooden Remedy Set

    The ultimate Remedy set this beautifully made wooden remedy set is the perfect gift for the avid Bach fan. This set includes all 38 essences and a clearly marked lid lets you easily select the...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • 10ml Box Set

    The 10ml box set is ideal for professional practitioners and students alike. Beautifully presented in an attractive cardboard box, this kit is portable and light – the essences...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • Professional Wallet Set

    An exclusive set made by Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, this set makes it easier to have Bach™ Original Flower Remedies with you all the time. The portable Wallet Remedy Set is...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
  • About Bach

    Last modified: 29/01/2014
  • Heritage

    Heritage Bach™ Original Flower Remedies Dr Edward Bach was a physician and homeopath who spent much of his life (between 1918-1935) discovering his simple system of 38 flower essences. He...

    Last modified: 20/01/2014
  • Useful Information

    Last modified: 23/10/2013
  • For Bach Practitioners

    Nelsons works very closely with Bach practitioners on a day-to-day basis, We include Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners* (BFRPs) as staff members in our Homeopathic Pharmacies and in our...

    Last modified: 21/01/2014
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