Why Spatone?

Spatone Range

Spatone is the UK's best selling iron supplement* for a number of reasons:

Spatone is natural

Spatone is a naturally occurring iron-rich mineral water which is collected and packed straight from the source in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales

We collect it, we filter it and we fill it straight into our convenient, easy-to-open sachets. At no stage do we add anything to the water or convert the water’s natural composition. That means with Spatone you don’t have to worry about other ingredients causing adverse reactions or complications. 

The iron in Spatone is highly absorbable

It is not actually how much iron we consume that matters but the amount of iron that our body is able to absorb. The absorption of iron is a very complex process and iron is generally recognised as a mineral that is difficult for our system to absorb. Spatone has been scientifically shown to have a bioavailability of iron (the amount of iron available to be absorbed) of 40%. This is much higher than the iron absorption from food sources (5 - 20%) or conventional iron supplements (3 - 10%). Spatone is thus a highly effective source of iron which can be consumed to help maintain healthy iron levels or to help prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy.

Spatone is gentle on the stomach

Since the iron in Spatone is easily assimilated in the stomach, you only need to take a small quantity to get your entire recommended daily allowance (RDA) of absorbed iron. This is why Spatone does not result in the common side effects often associated with conventional iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches.

Each sachet of Spatone only contains 5mg of elemental iron but with an absorption rate of 40% you will get all the iron your body needs without having to excrete too much iron: often the cause of the unpleasant side effects experienced with iron supplementation.

Spatone is suitable during pregnancy

Spatone has been scientifically shown to help prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy. If you are pregnant visit our pregnancy page to learn all about Spatone during pregnancy

Spatone offers a unique product format

Spatone is packed into convenient, individual sachets which can either be taken as they are or added to fruit juice - making Spatone the most convenient liquid iron supplement available. 

Spatone is now also available pre-mixed in a delicious apple juice and added Vitamin C.

Spatone: how to use

One sachet of Spatone provides you with your RDA of absorbed iron - ideal to maintain healthy iron levels. 
During pregnancy you can safely take up to two sachets a day. Spatone is scientifically shown to help prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy.
Spatone is ideally taken diluted in orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach or in between meals. It is advisable to leave a 30 - 45min gap between the consumption of iron supplements and the consumption of drinks such as e.g. tea, coffee or red wine and food. 

How does Spatone compare to iron tablets? 

Spatone: Where to buy

Spatone is available in packs of 14 or 28-day supplies which you can buy UK wide from your local Boots, Holland and Barrett, Asda, Tesco Waitrose, Lloydspharmacy, independent health food stores or online.


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