Spatone Research

Here at Spatone consumer and scientific research is at the heart of our business. We are constantly striving to provide you and your family with the highest quality, safe and effective, natural healthcare products. To achieve this we have a team of internal and external researchers dedicated to understanding consumer needs in order to evolve our products accordingly.

To date there have been three clinical studies on Spatone,  natural iron supplement, which have been peer-reviewed and published in world renowned medical journals.

Please note: This information is not relevant for the United States of America.

Key findings were:

  • Spatone is effective against iron deficiency in pregnancy.

  • Spatone does not cause the side-effects usually associated with conventional iron supplements.

  • Spatone has an average bioavailability of 40% - an absorption rate unmatched by food sources or conventional iron supplements.

Clinical studies:

G. Halksworth et al. demonstrated the high absorption of Spatone in pregnant women with iron deficiency anaemia. They concluded “Spatone provides an alternative to the standard ferrous sulphate tablet for prevention of iron deficiency in pregnancy” – it has thus been shown that Spatone is effective against iron deficiency in pregnancy.

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D. McKenna et al. concluded that “Patient compliance with traditional iron supplements is poor and a large number of patients stop their supplements because of gastrointestinal side-effects. In their paper they have shown than Spatone Iron-Plus (previous trade name of Spatone) does not cause these side-effects and helps to prevent iron deficiency in pregnancy”. It has thus been shown that spatone does not cause the side-effects usually associated with conventional iron supplements.

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Prof. Worwood et al. demonstrated mean absorption of iron in Spatone as high as 40% in patients with low iron stores. Study concluded “Spatone provides iron in a highly bio-available form”. It has thus been shown that Spatone has an absorption of iron of up to 40%. 

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If you would like to find out more about iron absorption and iron deficiency the following papers might be of interest to you:

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