Generally, women have higher iron requirements than men due to extra demands caused by blood loss during menstruation or pregnancy.

In fact of all the minerals iron is the only one where women's requirements are greater than men's.It's not surprising therefore that many women are found to be low in iron, in particular vegetarians and women who exercise regularly, e.g. female runners.

In a recent study by the Department of Heath, it was estimated that 46% of girls and 23% of women had low iron intakes. for women aged 25-49, the mean iron intake was 65% of the RNI (reference nutrient intake); 29% of these women had iron intakes below LRNI (lower reference nutrient intake).1 

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1 The National Diet & Nutrition Survey: Results from Years 1-4 (combined) of the Rolling Programme (2008/2009 - 2011/2012)