During puberty, iron requirements are increased to cater for rapid growth, the loss of iron due to menstruation in teenage girls and considerable gains in bones and muscles in teenage boys.

Teenagers’ diets should promote good health but unfortunately it's during this particular time that our youngsters develop real independence including making their own decisions about what to eat and when.

Snacking and fast food often craved by teenagers do not provide enough iron for those years of physical change.

Especially at risk are teenage girls who often undertake dieting or teenagers who participate in endurance sports such as running, swimming or cycling among many others.

Teenagers these days often have a hectic lifestyle, feel pressurised by school commitments and spend lots of time out and about missing family dinners and weekend lunches. The trend of becoming a vegetarian may also contribute to an increasing number of teenage girls in the UK who have low iron levels. Consumption of processed food that lack vital nutrients including iron may also play a role.

Low iron is harder to spot in teenagers than in adults as they are often lethargic. Signs and symptoms of low iron can be subtle and easy to overlook.

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