Some women when they are pregnant may need extra iron because the baby needs the iron it gets from the mother to grow and develop. Spatone is suitable, but always check with your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner before taking Spatone.

Iron is a vital mineral during pregnancy, with the developing baby solely depending on its mother's supplies.

Low iron levels are especially common in women carrying twins, vegetarians or women who are having pregnancies close together.

How much iron do pregnant women need?

An adult woman needs to absorb between 1.5 - 2mg of iron per day. For a pregnant woman, this can increase to 2 - 4mg in the second trimester and 3 - 6mg in the third trimester. Almost triple the amount!

If iron levels aren’t addressed during pregnancy, they are likely to affect women post-natally, further exacerbated by blood loss during labour and breastfeeding.

The absorption of iron is a complex process, and a large percentage of the iron in food sources is actually excreted. During pregnancy, your iron levels will be screened in regular intervals to ensure your body has sufficient amounts of iron for you and your developing baby.

If you are found to be iron deficient, your doctor or midwife may advise you to take an iron supplement to maintain your iron levels.

However, not all iron food supplements are the same, and many women experience some unpleasant effects (such as constipation or stomach irritation) from iron supplements, which is caused by the extra iron that can't be absorbed being excreted from the body. 

Spatone Iron Supplement

Because you take a low dose of iron (one Spatone sachet contains only 5mg of elemental iron) but absorb a lot (an average of 40%4), it stands to reason that your body doesn’t need to excrete as much which may mean that you experience fewer of the unpleasant effects of iron supplementation. 

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How to take Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement

Adults and children over the age of 2:
- take one sachet a day

Pregnant women:
- take two sachets a day 

If pregnant or breastfeeding please always consult your doctor or midwife before taking any food supplements. 

Spatone Supplement is ideally taken diluted in orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach or in between meals.

It is advisable to leave a 30 - 45 min gap between the consumption of iron supplements and the consumption of drinks such as tea or coffee or food.