Swimming is well-known as an exercise that is fun whilst being gentle on our joints, toning and strengthening all muscle groups and increasing lung capacity. As a low impact exercise, swimming is often recommended to help develop a person's general strength, fitness and endurance and provides a good form of physical therapy following an injury.

Unlike many other sports, swimming can be enjoyed by people of different ages and abilities and swimming in open waters such as domestic lakes or the sea has become increasingly more popular with associations such as 'Wild Swimming' or the 'Outdoor Swimming Society' heavily promoting the sport.

Iron is required for energy production and low iron levels may impair oxygen supply which is particularly important for swimmers since oxygen efficiency is key to optimum performance especially when competing.

British Olympic synchronised swimmers, Kate Skelton and Asha Randall, are part of the GB team performing at the London Olympics a 3.5 minutes routine of which they hold their breath for three quarters of the time! Their routines are like running a 1500m race, holding your breath on the last 100m sprint while moving your arms around elegantly making it look effortless and smiling at the same time!

“Competing at the Olympics will be the pinnacle of our synchro career to date, it will be a dream come true and something we have worked extremely hard for. In order to perform at an optimum it is very important we maintain high energy levels for our 6 days a week training, and we find taking Spatone Apple daily helps to improve our energy levels and increases oxygen efficiency.”
Spatone is a 100% natural iron supplement that has been scientifically shown to provide iron with a higher bio-availablity than conventional iron tablets or multivitamin formulations containing iron.

Because of this unique bio-availablity, Spatone has also been scientifically shown to cause fewer of the side effects that are often experienced with iron supplementation such as constipation or nausea.

Today Spatone is recognised and used among an increasing number of professional and amateur, male and female athletes who want to go the extra mile.
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Females endurance athletes (in particular runners!) and male and female vegetarian athletes are at a higher risk of iron depletion. A blood test undertaken by your doctor can examine the concentration of haemoglobin in your blood and the amount of stored iron in your blood stream (ferritin blood concentration) to establish if you need to actively include more iron in your diet or dietary supplementation.