Claire de Nervaux


Me - living retro! Sport has been a life saver for me. My favourite things -  Food!! Raw vegan food, green juice and raw chocolate! And I love sunshine! Hobbies - raw food eating (and making), trying to keep fit by running/cycling/going to the gym and swimming in the sea.

Claire's July, August and September Update! 

Apologies my updates are a bit few and far between!

July was okay. I got out 3 times a week, getting longer rides and learning to like the hills a bit! Though late July my training partner had to leave me to it as she has children who needed her. So off I went on solo rides determined to keep cycling and get stronger and fitter. I went out on one of the usual routes about (26 miles) and was a beautiful sunshine when half way round my right hip became more and more painful to the point that I was now pushing bike uphill! And then had to keep stopping and was thinking how am I going to get home!

I made it home and decided it was time to book in and see a physio. Luckily I knew of one via the Triathlon club I belong to and didn't have to wait long for an appointment - not good news no cycling allowed or running just a bit of swimming - for the next few weeks. I was gutted as I had entered a lot of triathlons which now had to be deferred till next year.

Since I it was hard to exercise outside, I found myself in the gym (no disrespect to gyms but I like being outdoors). July came and went with no more cycling - apart from the odd spin session and in August a weekend in New York with a bike ride from central park to Brooklyn and back, but to be honest it hurt!!

I was now officially another year older and felt it with my hip on the plus side I went and marshalled at the events I couldn't do and supported my fellow tri club members which gave me another experience and made me realise what a vital role marshals play in events!

Funny when you are not able to do things you really miss them, for example running has me huffing and puffing and was not my favourite thing but boy have I missed it! My lovely new shiny bike sat gathering cobwebs for all of August.

Lots of treatments later (my back decided to play up as well!), in September I was finally able to get back on the bike. My first ride was flat and slow and I felt all woobly like a beginner again, even finding it hard to use the cleats!! Touch wood no falling off - but learnt that you need to tighten them as one dropped out and my shoe got stuck on my pedal (think I am the Mr. Bean of cycling!!).

Highlight in September was watching the last leg of the tour of Britain and seeing the guys cycle up a very steep hill and realise how amazing they were! So fast but also seeing they have the same look of pain on their faces when go up hill! Though now I want a support vehicle to come out with me on my rides!!

Not done many miles yet and not many hills I am allowed to run 5k twice a week but gently and have only done 24 mile flat cycles off for a hilly test today was hoping to do a sportive but not wanting to push it... so am hoping like crazy I will be there on the 12th October and will be able to do the ride but maybe not the longer distance.

Claire's June Update

The highs, the lows and the plain funny
The Highs 
  • Winning competition and meeting Joannna Rowsell holding her Olympic medal
  • Finding and making new friends to cycle with
  • Discovering beautiful countryside routes to ride
  • Cycling a bit further/faster each ride (64 miles last ride)
  • Buying shiny new things for my bike pedals and cleats to name a few
  • New outfits to cycle in
  • Talking to Emma about my nutrition 
  • Trying out the Spatone Sports 
  • Making a speed camera flash, whoo hoo! 
The Plain Funny 
  • Falling off my bike (3 times to date) all slow speed due to my new cleats and pedals (note to self unclip earlier!)
  • Being called scum by a motorist - really ....
  • Being stopped and asked where I got my cycling clothes from at the top of a very steep hill (my secret designer look is crafted by Aldi)
  • Being stopped by  a policeman who wanted to know all about my bike
The Lows  
  • Hills
  • Rain
  • Hills
  • Not having enough time to ride my bike
  • Did I mention the hills

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