Regardless of whether you are into swimming, running, cycling or all three of these sports, if you train or even compete on a regular basis you are frequently pushing your body to its limits.

In order to achieve optimum performance your system relies on a sufficient supply of oxygen and energy – both in return are highly dependent on one of the crucial elements: iron.

What is iron needed for? 

Iron is needed for a number of complex processes which continuously take place on a molecular level and which are indispensable and directly linked to exercise:
  • the sufficient supply of oxygen
  • the conversion of blood sugar to energy
  • a quick recovery following strenuous training or competing
Insufficient iron intake from your diet can lead to low iron levels. As a result, athletes who find it difficult to get all their iron from their diet may experience:
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness 

Why is iron loss important for athletes?


As an athlete you lose iron through sweating, footstrike haemolysis in runners (repeated pounding of the feet on hard surfaces which can destroy red blood cells) and natural wastage.

The highest loss of iron per day in top class athletes can be up to a staggering 2mg! In women menstruation also increases the body’s demand for iron.

Athletes with increased needs for iron and lower iron intakes (e.g. vegetarians) are at a higher risk of having low iron levels. This is also true for younger athletes who have not yet completed adolescence.

How does Spatone help? 

Iron from food sources is difficult to absorb for the human body with many components in iron-rich foods inhibiting the absorption of iron.

Spatone is a 100% natural iron supplement that has been scientifically shown to be a highly absorbable source of iron.

Because of this, Spatone liquid iron has also been scientifically shown to cause fewer of the side effects that are often experienced with iron supplementation such as stomach irritation.

Today Spatone liquid iron is recognised and used among an increasing number of professional and amateur, male and female athletes.


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Praise for Spatone Iron Supplement

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