Over 60s

As we get older, the ability of our stomach to absorb iron diminishes. This coupled with an often smaller appetite can lead to sub-optimal iron levels.

Iron deficiency is fairly prevalent among elderly people. However, in healthy individuals haemoglobin levels are generally normal. Certain factors increase the risk of iron deficiency with age. A low intake of certain foods such as vitamin C-rich foods (which aid iron absorption), a high intake of calcium (which inhibits iron absorption) and a low intake of iron from animal sources all contribute to reduced iron levels. 

Iron deficiency increases the risk of physical decline in the elderly. Even mild iron deficiency is linked to reduced ability of older people to function to their fullest potential. This can mean a decrease in strength and an increased risk of falls. 

So if you are not getting enough iron from your diet then your iron levels can be maintained by taking Spatone.