Adelle Tracey Supports her Training Regime with Spatone

Olympic athlete and vegetarian Adelle Tracey has had a great start to 2016 with a major 800m win at the Indoor British Championships in Sheffield. Adelle supports her training regime with Spatone® liquid Iron supplement and has a big year ahead with the European Championships and Rio Olympics in her sights.

Athlete and vegetarian Adelle Tracey supports her training regime with Spatone® liquid iron supplement.  During 2016 the 400 and 800 metre runner is aiming for the European Championships and the Olympics in Rio.

Adelle says; “I am vegetarian and therefore find it difficult to get all my iron needs from my diet alone. Maintaining normal iron levels is crucial, particularly in female endurance running. After trying tablets for years and not seeing any improvement in my ferritin levels I found Spatone#.

My sporting governing body, which recognises that athletes may need supplements, recommended trying a product been tested by Informed-Sport (a programme that provides assurance that products have been tested for substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances). Spatone and Spatone Apple are both registered products on the Informed-Sport website and I also knew of other athletes who also used the product and swore by it. As a competing athlete it’s always important to check if the products you are taking are certified, so it’s great that this is certified as a trustworthy product, free from banned substances.

As an athlete I regularly get my  iron levels tested and found that my iron levels rose by using Spatone which was great as I felt I could get more out of my running as I felt I could maintain my energy. I like this product as it’s so easy to remember to take as I normally have it with my breakfast in orange juice.

As a vegetarian I like to lead a healthy lifestyle so that’s one of the reasons I like this product. It’s also very easily transportable, if I’m racing away for the weekend I can easily pop a couple days worth of sachets in my hand luggage and Spatone Apple is particularly useful when travelling, as the Spatone is mixed with an apple concentrate and has the addition of Vitamin C.”

#Always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional if you’re considering stopping taking prescribed medication. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.