Spatone is a fantastic product, but don’t take our word for it. Read below what other users of Spatone said: 

"I am an international rower for Great Britain who has been using Spatone for the past couple of months. I have seen great improvements without experiencing any side effects."

L.Greenhalgh, Cuddesdon

"Back in March 2012, I began taking Spatone and loved the fact it was completely natural and had fewer side effects than other options for iron supplementation. I am so pleased!"  

Geraldine, London

"I decided to switch to a more plant based diet at University, and I also started taking an iron supplement to ensure that I was getting enough iron. I chose Spatone because not only was it natural but also incredibly gentle on my stomach. It’s something I could drink right away or mix and also easily carry around so I never forgot to take it. Alongside Spatone I also now make sure I have more foods that are high in iron."
Beatrice, London

"I feel like a different person after taking Spatone for 6 weeks!"
J. Lewis, Clwyd


"My 13 year old daughter uses Spatone on a regular basis - the difference is unbelievable, she is not as tired." 
G. Fozard, Yorkshire

"My two boys are vegetarians and I was worried about their iron. Not any more, Spatone is perfect for them, a great find." 
A. Adam, Conwy

"Great for my faddy eleven year old daughter and her older sister who has periods, diets and all the usual teenage stuff." 
S. Russell, Wirral