Source of Spatone

Source of Spatone

For two hundred years the iron-rich waters of Trefriw Wells Spa located in the heart of the beautiful Snowdonia mountains in North Wales have been bottled and used by people around the world as a natural iron supplement. 

Today the water from Trefriw Wells is known as Spatone iron rich water and is used daily by millions to help maintain healthy iron levels.

For millions of years a natural spring of iron-rich mineral water fed a secret cave deep within the beautiful Snowdonia mountains. But the mountain couldn’t hold on to its secret for long! 

The Trefriw Wells Spa was first discovered by Romans from the XX Roman legion stationed at Canovium, 3 miles north of Trefriw whilst mining for sulphur in the Snowdonia mountains around 100-250 AD.

The next piece of information we have dates back to around 1700 where the spa was extensively used by local inhabitants until a landslip covered the entrance to the cave of  the Trefriw Wells.

The cave was re-excavated in 1733. The iron-rich waters were later used to bathe in. In 1833 Lord Willoughby de Eresby built the Cyclopean Bath House. This was to cater for the greater number of people visiting the spa.

Ownership of the spa passed from public to private in 1873. The Victorian pump room and bathhouse was built. For the first time the spa water was sold commercially.

During 1875 – 1959 Spatone Iron+ was bottled and became so popular it was sent all over the world by mail order. Even places like Central Africa, Australia, and the Americas as well as all over Europe.

Free prescriptions given to all UK citizens under a NHS reform during the years 1959 – 1971 lead to the Spa falling into disrepair. The reform contributed to the temporary demise of many spas throughout the UK.

The spa was restored and opened as a B&B in 1972 due to a renewed interest in natural health remedies among many members of the public. The Trefriw Wells Spa got opened as a tourist attraction and the water started to be sold once again as Trefriw Wells Roman Spa Water.

In 2003, Nelsons became the new owner of the Trefriw Wells Spa. The previous product Spatone Iron+ was re-launched under the brand name Spatone. Thanks to Nelsons, Spatone, 100% natural iron supplement is today available not only within the UK but also internationally.