Simple tips to help the absorption of iron

The Nutrient Reference Value of iron is 14mg however this takes into account that the average person is unable to absorb most of the iron from food sources. Hence when it comes to iron the important factor is not how much of it is consumed but rather how much iron our body is able to absorb. Spatone has been scientifically shown to be a highly absorbable source of iron with an average absorption of 40% (that is the iron available for absorption) compared to 5-15%* from food sources.

 The absorption of iron from iron-rich foods or iron food supplements can be improved when a few things are considered. The following tips include substances which inhibit or enhance the absorption of iron and are thus recommended to be either avoided or consumed when taking iron supplements such as Spatone Liquid Iron:

 - Avoid drinking tea or wine within 30 - 45min of taking iron food supplements such as Spatone. The tannin in both these drinks can bind iron which makes iron absorption difficult. Phosphates in fizzy drinks can have the same effect. 

 - Leave 30 - 45min between the consumption of iron supplements such as Spatone and dairy products as calcium inhibits the absorption in the body.

 - Phytates in raw cereal can also inhibit iron absorption. Leave a 30 - 45min gap between the consumption of cereal and iron supplements such as Spatone.

 - Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) assists the absorption of iron. That's why we recommend adding  Spatone in a glass of orange juice.

If you can't tolerate orange juice try apple, mango or pineapple juice.

Some medicines may inhibit the absorption of iron and iron can in turn inhibit the absorption of some medicines. 

Please do remember to always check with your doctor, pharmacist or during pregnancy with your midwife, if you are taking any medicines prescribed or self purchased before you start taking food supplements.

Medicines that may inhibit iron absorption include antibiotics like tetracyclines and antacids containing magnesium as well as calcium and zinc supplements:

*Nelsons Nutritional Study - The significant Impact of Spatone on Iron Levels, 2009