Frequently Asked Questions

RESCUE Remedy®
Q - Why does RESCUE Remedy® smell and taste like Brandy? 
A - That's because it is preserved in 27% grape alcohol so the smell and the taste has the characteristics of brandy.

Q - If it tastes and smells of alcohol, can I still use it before driving or before an interview? 
A - Yes, if used according to the dosage instructions given e.g. 4 drops or 2 sprays per dose.

Q - Does it interact with any other drugs or medication? 
A - Whilst RESCUE Remedy® is considered to be a safe form of treatment which can be used at the same time as conventional medicines, but it does contain alcohol. So, if you are taking a prescribed medicine, which is specifically contra-indicated with alcohol, you must refer to your GP before taking it.

Q - How often can I use RESCUE Remedy®? Can I overdose? 
A - The remedy can be taken as often as required until you feel emotionally in control. If emotional imbalance is persistent, one of the individual Bach Original Flower Remedies might be more relevant. To find out more, please visit our Bach Original Flower Remedies brand site. Remember if the stress you are feeling is more than you can handle consult your doctor immediately.

Q - If I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still use RESCUE Remedy®? 
A - RESCUE Remedy® can be invaluable during times of life's emotional upheaval, with its gentle action it can help you cope with life’s ups and downs. However, all medication taken during pregnancy has to be under the control of a qualified doctor or midwife.

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RESCUE® Pastilles
Q – Can I give RESCUE® Pastilles to my pets? 
A – No. RESCUE® Pastilles were developed for human consumption and are not suitable for animals. Because they are chewy they may be a choking hazard for your pet and they also contain sugar substitutes that are not suitable for animals. Instead drop original RESCUE Remedy® into their water bowl, but remember to always ask your vet before giving something new to your pet.

Q - Why doesn't RESCUE® Night smell and taste like RESCUE Remedy®? 
A - This is because it is preserved in Glycerine and is alcohol-free.

Q - How often can I use RESCUE® Night? Can I overdose? 
A - The product can be taken as required until improvement is obtained. If sleeplessness persists speak to a healthcare professional.

Q - If I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still use RESCUE® Night?
A - RESCUE® Night may be very useful to help calm your mind from unwanted, repetitive thoughts when you are pregnant or caring for your new baby. However, anything taken during pregnancy have to be under the control of a qualified doctor or midwife.

RESCUE® Skincare
Q – I have very sensitive skin, can I use RESCUE® Cream? 
A - RESCUE® Cream is designed especially for people with sensitive skin, however, everyone is different and so we always recommend testing RESCUE® Cream on a small patch of skin before use.

Q – I used RESCUE® Cream and I experienced a stinging sensation, what should I do? 
A – Stop using the product immediately. You can contact our Customer Service Department at

(Always read the label.)