Travel Prep Tips

With today’s hectic lifestyle, it has never been more crucial to take a holiday.  This allows you to relax and do the things you love with family or friends, whilst leaving your hassles and day to day grind at home. It isn’t a secret; going on holiday can sometimes be stressful in itself!

RESCUE Remedy® has teamed up with Neil Shah from The Stress Management Society to offer these hassle free travel tips:

1. Arrive early - There is nothing like getting the travel off to a stressful start than running late to the airport. However you are getting there, be it by plane, train or bus make sure you have factored in enough time for any unforeseeable delays. When booking your flights consider taking a flight around midday rather than early in the morning to also give yourself more time to get to the airport. And remember if you are earlier there is always lots to do at the airport to keep you busy, so it is better to get there and relax than arrive late and in a rush. 

2. Check in online - Check yourself in to your flight in advance as this will save you lots of time at the airport. It also means if you are delayed for some reason you won’t have to worry about the check in closing. Make sure that you send your boarding passes to your smart device if you own one, as this will be an additional time saver.

3. Be prepared - Make sure you are prepared for all stages of your travel. From packing early and having packing check lists, to ensuring you have only the bare essentials in your hand luggage to save you time at security, preparation is the travellers friend. 

4. Relax and breathe - Take items on the trip with you that you know will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether this is a good book or an eye mask for an overnight flight it helps to take items that will make you personally feel more comfortable. When you are on your flight you can also do some activities to help you relax. The plane might not have a lot of leg room but you can always practice some meditation, mindfulness or breathing exercises to help you unwind. 

5. Think ahead to the destination - Don’t leave anything to chance when you get to the other end of your journey. Make sure you have all your paperwork with you and that you have thought through how you will get from the hotel to the airport. It helps to have printed journey planners for different types of travel to ensure your options are covered. There is nothing worse for your stress levels than arriving in a country after a long journey to find no one available to ask for help and no internet connection on your phone to work out how to get to your accommodation.

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