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University Tips

University is an exciting chapter for young students but it is only natural to feel a little nervous, especially if you’re a fresher, but it can also happen if you’re a returning student. Looming dissertations and final exams can mean returning for your third or fourth year is a little more daunting.

To make settling back into your new routine that little bit easier, trusty student bag essential RESCUE PLUS® Lozenge and The Stress Management Society have teamed up for these top tips below.

1. Homesickness - University can be a shock to anyone, life as you know it completely changes, so homesickness is only natural, says Neil Shah, Founder of The Stress Management Society. ‘How to survive home sickness at university’ has been googled more than 16 million times! A change in routine can be overwhelming but remember if you feel this way so do many other people (at least 16 million in fact!). We recommend that you set a date to go home before you even leave for University. This will give you something to work towards and will ensure you have a plan. Try not to go home into term, especially if you are tempted to give up as you will be in the process of adapting to the lifestyle change. In a few months it will probably feel normal. 

2. Get in to a sleeping routine - Whilst the prospect of all those nights out in Freshers Week sounds exciting, don’t forget that it is recommended that you get 7-8 hours’ sleep a day. Sleeping for 8 hours is said to lighten symptoms of anxiety, improve your general wellbeing and increasing cognition and memory. 

3. Start building up your personal network – Isolation is known to increase stress so when you have moved away from your family and friends it is important to create a new support system and friends. Try and join some societies or groups of likeminded people. It will allow you to maintain a healthy balance between academic studies and fun, as well as ensuring you are meeting new people. 

4. Keep an eye on your physical health –
Eating well, making sure you get enough Vitamin C and B12 and getting enough exercise will make a big difference to how you feel. Consider joining a sports team to get some exercise at least once a week, or try walking to lectures whenever possible. Exercise and diet has a powerful effect on your mental health and can help reduce anxiety and elevate your mood. 

5. Watch your alcohol intake –
There is no doubt that for many students alcohol plays a large part in university life. Once you get established there will be the opportunity for many social occasions with alcohol being a common fixture. Try to drink in moderation. Make sure you try and keep some alcohol free days during the week, and when you are out try to alternate alcoholic and soft drinks to slow your drinking down.

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