Emilia Fox - tips on taking centre stage

Life can be full of little ups and downs, where sometimes it needs more than a few deep breaths to pluck up the confidence to take on new challenges. From our first big life event of starting a new school to taking exams or trying to pass your driving test, we’re all faced with testing tasks from a young age. As we get older, work presentations, public speaking and even getting married can make us feel worried. In fact, a RESCUE Remedy® survey found that 86% of adults considered themselves to be a worrier[i].

As life goes on we develop our own tips and tricks to help cope when the day seems a little too much to handle. TV and theatre actress Emilia Fox knows all too well how it feels to take centre stage and keeps RESCUE Remedy® by her side. “I feel like I’ve always had Rescue Remedy in my life as my mum always had it at home but I particularly remember using it during my final exams at university. My mum also makes “survival kits” for my family which always feature Rescue Remedy, I have one in my dressing room every night at the moment ahead of the show I’m doing at the Hampstead Theatre. I also keep the Rescue Pastilles in my car and a bottle by my kettle”.

Whether you are quite literally taking centre stage or you’re gearing up for a tough presentation or finding the frustrations of your daily commute too much, keep Rescue Remedy by your side and try out these three top tips:

  • Energy management – Assess when you are most productive, are you a morning or afternoon person? Make sure you are tackling big tasks when you’re most productive and your energy levels are at their highest.
  • 1 Minute Meditation - By practising deep breathing you can start to relax as a regular rhythm can help calm you:
    •  Sit or stand in a relaxed position, anywhere you want
    • Slowly inhale through your nose, counting to five
    • Let the air out from your mouth, counting to eight
    • As you breathe, let your abdomen expand outward, rather than raising your shoulders. This is a more relaxed and natural way to breathe.
  • Delegate – Delegate tasks, whether it’s to other team members or friends and family, ask for support rather than trying to tackle everything yourself.

[i] RESCUE REMEDY survey, carried out by 72 Point on 23rd July 2015 of 1,000 participants