the rescue story

The RESCUE® Story


RESCUE REMEDY® is a combination of five individual flower essences for emotional wellbeing and care for everyday life.

RESCUE REMEDY® has been used by generations; take comfort that RESCUE® products are by your side when the need to get the most from their busy day. Keep cool, calm and collected with RESCUE Remedy® by your side.

There are a range of RESCUE® products to help you keep on top of your day. From original droppers and sprays, to liquid melts and pastilles which are particularly handy in your bag or at your desk.

The History of RESCUE®

The RESCUE® formulation and the system of 38 Bach Flower Essences were developed by Dr Edward Bach, in the 1920s and 30s for emotional wellbeing and care in everyday life. Dr Bach believed that attitude and mental state play a vital role in maintaining health and from 1930 he identified 38 negative states of mind and a corresponding flower or plant essence for each one.

Wanting to make his essences more available to the general public, in the 1930s Dr Bach enlisted the help of the Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy in Duke St, London. Under his guidance they began to make and sell the essences he supplied them.

In 1990 this relationship was formalised and since then Nelsons (the Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy’s parent company) has been responsible for bottling and distributing RESCUE REMEDY®. Today Nelsons produce millions of bottles with the of RESCUE REMEDY® formulation each year in Wimbledon, London and they are sold around the world.

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How is RESCUE REMEDY® made?

The flower essences used in RESCUE REMEDY® are still made at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire using the method developed by Dr Bach over 70 years ago. They are then sent to our factory in Wimbledon where they are diluted and bottled in a manufacturing facility to the highest quality standard.

Rock Rose Fearlessness

Don’t get overwhelmed by scary situations, embrace them with courage. The positive potential of Rock Rose is courage and presence of mind.

Impatiens Patience

Cope diplomatically with irritating problems in a patient manner. Don’t be impatient with the slow pace of people or things. The positive potential of Impatiens is less hastiness in thought and action.

Clematis Focus

Get your heads out of the clouds and ignite an interest in the world around you, especially when you feel out of touch with things. The positive potential of Clematis is a lively interest in the world around you.

Star of Bethlehem Comfort

Don’t let the shock of a bad experience hold you back. Balance your emotions and deal with the situation.
The positive potential of the Star of Bethlehem is being strong.

Cherry Plum Composure

Stay cool and don’t lose control; a calm mind can fuel rational thinking.
The positive potential of Cherry Plum is a person who has a serene mind and is able to think and act rationally.

What are Bach™ Original Flower Essences?

The 38 flower essences Dr Bach discovered are made from a variety of wild plants, trees and bushes and each of the 38 essences relates to a different emotional state that everyone will experience from time to time. Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are a gentle system, which capture the positive mood of flowers allowing us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves. Dr Bach’s essences are designed to be tailored to each individual’s use and can either be taken individually or together to make a personal mix.