Share your RESCUE moment with us

To help us maintain normal mental performance, even on hectic days, world famous RESCUE Remedy® has launched the next generation of products, RESCUE PLUS® Dropper and Spray with B vitamins & RESCUE essences.

The RESCUE® team want to celebrate those"moments"  in your life, when you feel at your best!  Share your moment with us for a chance to win £750 worth of Secret Escapes travel vouchers. The entry that most reflects the theme of 'taking a moment' will be the winner:

- Use the form below to enter our competition with your favourite life moment.
- Click over to our gallery and take a look at our stunning entries to vote on your favourite.
- Share your entry with friends, for an additional chance to win £250 worth of Secret Escapes travel vouchers.
- Visit What's New to learn more about the RESCUE PLUS(R) launch. 

This competition is all to celebrate our new product launch, RESCUE PLUS Dropper and Spray, head over to Whats New to find out more. 

How to Enter: 

  • Take a photo of your #rescuemoment
  • Upload your #rescuemoment above and add a quick caption outlining what it means to you!
  • Share your entry with friends and family to vote on their favourite entry
  • At the end of the competition the entry that most meets the judging criteria will be selected to win a £750 Secret Escapes voucher and the entry with the most votes will win a £250 Secret Escapes voucher. 

If you've not heard of RESCUE and want to stay on top of your day, discover more at RESCUE Remedy or check out the rest of our product range.