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Q - Why does a RESCUE REMEDY® product smell and taste like Brandy?
A - That's because it is preserved in 27% grape alcohol so the smell and the taste has the characteristics of brandy.

Q - If it smells of alcohol, can I still use it before driving or before an interview?
A - If you are concerned about the odour of alcohol then we would suggest that you take it in a drink, put 4 drops or 2 sprays into a drink of your choice. 

Q - Does it interact with any other medicines or treatment?
A If you have any concerns about using RESCUE REMEDY® if you are taking any medicines please talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Q - How often can I use a RESCUE REMEDY®? It can be taken as often as required.

Q - If I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still use RESCUE® Products?
A –If you have any concerns with anything that you may eat or drink during pregnancy or if you are  breastfeeding please consult your doctor or  midwife..


Q – Can I give RESCUE® Pastilles to my pets?
A – No. RESCUE® Pastilles were developed for human consumption and are not suitable for animals. Because they are chewy they may be a choking hazard for your pet and they also contain sugar substitutes that are not suitable for animals.


Q - Why doesn't RESCUE NIGHT® smell and taste like RESCUE REMEDY®?
A - This is because it is preserved in Glycerine and is alcohol-free.

Q - How often can I use RESCUE NIGHT®?
A - The product can be taken as often as required


RESCUE® Skincare

Q – I have very sensitive skin, can I use RESCUE® Cream?

A - RESCUE® Cream is designed especially for people with sensitive skin, however, everyone is different and so we always recommend testing RESCUE® Cream on a small patch of skin before use.

Q – I used RESCUE® Cream and I experienced a stinging sensation, what should I do?
A – Stop using the product immediately and contact our Product and Consumer Information Department on 020 8780 4200