Plant Extracts

Outside: Skin specials

For Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish care we have specially selected a unique combination of four of our purest natural plant extracts: Tea TreeArnicaHypericum and Calendula, each working in synergy to help break the cycle of blemishes.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Originally treasured by Aborigines, Tea Tree is now acknowledged worldwide for its powerful natural purifying properties, helping to clean the skin from impurities.

Arnica (Arnica montana)
The vibrant yellow flower Arnica has been traditionally used to soothe and help ease problem skin.

Calendula (Pot marigold)
Calendula has been used for generations to nurture and moisturise dry, rough, chapped or flaky skin. Calendula is a natural skin purifier and conditioner.

Hypericum (St. John's wort)
Well known for possessing excellent calming properties, Hypericum also acts to soothe troublesome skin. It will help skin to regenerate itself following blemishes and restore skin to its natural condition.

Note: Plant extracts are also known as plant tinctures, herbal extracts or herbal tinctures. It is the method of extracting the beneficial properties of plants or herbs so they can be used in beauty products such as Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish care.