It's simple, sleep is essential.  It accounts for a third of our life, and although it won't prevent breakouts, it's vital to maintain a healthy immune system which fights infection and helps our body perform its routine of maintenance, regeneration, repair damage and to reduce high levels of cortisol. A good nights sleep (between 7 and 9 hours depending on your needs), together with a healthy diet, exercise, and a rigorous skin care routine, are essential to maintain healthy skin.

The simplest good deed you can do for your skin may surprise you: sleep!  Scientists and mothers around the world agree that a good night's sleep can do wonders for your complexion. A healthy, well-rested body has the resources to build a strong immune system. While a robust immune system won't prevent acne altogether, it can help fight infection so your skin clears up more quickly. Luckily, your body isn't picky; uninterrupted sleep in the daytime is just as beneficial. So if you work late, sleep late and try to maintain a regular schedule.  

If you are having trouble sleeping try Nelsons Noctura. A non addictive combination of 6 homeopathic ingredients to bring natural relief for sleeplessness. Or if you can't switch off your thoughts and your mind is racing, try Rescue Night.  It contains the original remedies used in Rescue Remedy, with the addition of White Chestnut to help switch off the mind from unwanted repetitive thoughts.