It is estimate that 85% of teenagers will suffer from blemishes to some degree during puberty. Boys are more inclined to suffer versus girls since testosterone seems to make blemishes worse unlike oestrogen which has found to have an inhibitive function. Blemishes are likely to be found not only in the facial area (forehead, chin, around the nose and cheeks) but also on the neck, upper back, and shoulder and chest area during teenage years. 

Typically teenagers start to experience blemishes between the age of 10 and 13. 

Regardless if you are looking for a solution to blemishes for your teenage son or daughter, your partner or yourself, it is important to understand that it's necessary to stick to a rigorous skin care regime once an effective anti-blemish range has been identified.

A common mistake is to stop the regime once the blemishes have disappeared.

Please consult your GP if no improvement occurs after several weeks of blemish treatment.