Normal Skin

Normal, healthy skin is characterised by an even, elastic, soft and smooth skin texture that is firm to the touch with an even colour and an overall vibrant look. Normal skin possess small to medium sized pores that are usually not visible.

Unlike other skin types normal skin has no dry or oily patches of skin however even normal skin can feel tight at times due to external impacts such as changes in temperatures or humidity, exposure to sun or insufficient water intake.

Even normal skin can experience blemishes at times. Especially in women occasional blemishes can develop pre menstruation due to an increased release of the male hormone androgen. Androgen is known to alter the skin’s pH which causes an increase in sebum production and hence can cause blemishes when pores become blocked.

TIP: It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. 
Antioxidants such as Carotenoids and Vitamin C can help keeping your skin supple and well nourished.