Combination Skin

Combination skin combines characteristics from both dry and oily skin. Typically people with combination skin have tight-feeling, dehydrated patches of skin on their cheeks or the sides while at the same time experiencing oily and shiny skin in the centre of their face (T Zone). 

With a smooth and even texture, combination skin enjoys a good blood circulation often resulting in a healthy skin colour however dry patches and blemishes within the T Zone do present a challenge at times.

Causes for combination skin are often down to genetic heritage although inappropriate skincare products that include irritating ingredients can also contribute to combination skin.

Combination skin does need special attention as harsh cleansing products may further dry out the already dry parts of the skin whilst moisturising products may block pores and lead to increased blemishes and blackheads within the T Zone.

Did you know? Occasional blemishes are often referred to as ‘PMS blemishes’ due to an increased release of the male hormone androgen pre menstruation. Androgen is known to alter the skin’s pH which causes an increase in sebum production and hence can cause blemishes when pores become blocked.