6 Things To Do Outside With The Kids This Spring

This month we are featuring our guest blogger, Tanya from 'Motherhood: The Real Deal'. She takes us though 6 fantastic ideas for fun activities to do outdoors with the kids this Spring.

Spring has spring and as the weather gets more conducive to getting outside again, it's time to get the kids back into the outdoors! Here's our pick of six things we can't wait to do with the kids this spring...

1. Fly a kite

Make the most of a windy day in spring by digging out that kite from the back of your storage cupboard or investing in a new one. Flying a kite is one of the most simple, uplifting things you can do with little ones as they whoop with glee at the exhilarating way it soars through the sky. Apart from your kite and plenty of wind, the only other things you need is plenty of running space and open sky!

2. Go on a scavenger hunt

Inspire your kids to relish in the wonders of spring by planning a spring scavenger hunt! Make a list of all the things to spot at springtime outside - from flowers on a tree, to birds in the sky, and twigs on the ground; or make use of one of the free spring scavenger hunt printables online, and let the kids loose outside! 

3. Shop at a farmers market 

The farmers market movement has exploded in the UK, with a farmers market likely to be happening close to you at the weekend (find out here). Taking in the sights, smells and sounds of a farmers market with the kids is a great way to teach your children about 'real' food and supporting your local community while enjoying being out in the spring sunshine. 

4. Jump in puddles

Of course, with spring comes an abundance of rainy days. But this isn't a time to look glumly out of the window, but more an opportunity to pull on those wellies and waterproofs and splash around in those puddles without having to utter those words "mind that muddy puddle!"

5. Go on a bug safari

Turn an everyday spring walk or afternoon in the back garden into something far more exciting with the prospect of a bug hunt! Children are fascinated by creepy crawlies and at this time of year, nature is teeming with them. Print out a bug hunt printable and have them see which bugs they can spot. This is a great way of teaching them about wildlife, and having them connect with nature. 

6. Plant some seeds 

There is nothing little ones love more than to play little gardener (even if they are mainly preoccupied with eating soil!). Head off to your nearest garden centre, purchase some sunflower or sweet pea seeds and check out this guide on how to plant seeds with kids. On a rare warm spring day, you can even finish off with a sprinkler party!   

So now that spring is officially's time to welcome it with open arms and enjoy! 

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