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Grandma Knows Best

Being a first time parent can be an intimidating experience, so it's no surprise people look for help from those around them. Here at Nelsons we conducted a survey to find out the most trusted source of information for new parents and the results might surprise you...

Parents can often be a great source of pearls of wisdom, dishing out popular sayings such as “I want never gets”, “never swim on a full stomach” and “eat with your mouth closed”! But, as much as we would have shrugged off these life tips at the time, who is it we then turn to when we start our own families? According to a recent survey conducted by Nelsons Teetha® Teething Granules it’s grandma who really knows best!

When women go on to have their own children, 63% of new mummies trust their own mum’s baby advice over any other family member, with their partner coming in second at 16%[i]. But what happens if your partner offers you conflicting advice to another person? A quarter of women would go with their partner’s advice however a whopping 55% of people would trust their mum over their partner[ii].

9% of new mums ignore their partner’s advice very often and 63% occasionally ignore them. However, 30% of new mums never disagree with their partner when they have taken someone else’s advice[iii]. Happy families all round!

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