Mums and Kids

Where do kids get their energy from? If they aren’t tearing around the playground or building dens around the garden, they are causing chaos around the house.

For delicate skin, try Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Kids Stick. Enriched with Shea Butter and extracts of natural Arnica, it's an all-in-one skincare solution for kids. Paraben-free and small enough to fit in your pocket, Arnicare Kids Stick is suitable for children aged 3 and over. 

kids first aid corner: what nelsons products could help?

Cuts & grazes 
Cuts and grazes are an all too common occurence for kids. Use Nelsons Hypercal Cream, a topical herbal remedy traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of cuts and grazes.

Hay fever 
This seasonal annoyance is now classed as one of the most common ailments of childhood. With hay ‎fever now starting earlier than ever, parents will be pleased to hear that Nelsons Pollenna can help provide relief for the symptoms associated with it.

Pollenna works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes to provide ‎relief for the symptoms of hay fever.  It's also non-drowsy- so suitable for kids and teens to take during the exam season.

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