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Stay on your feet this winter - useful tips from Nelsons® arnicare® for avoiding trips and falls

Tips from Nelsons® arnicare® for avoiding winter falls and staying on your feet this Winter

Bundle up, winter is officially here, and we all know there’s nothing better than heading out for a walk in the crisp weather. It’s a great way of spending some quality family time together being out and about in the fresh air, but with January and February being renowned months for snow, you don’t want to have to cut your walk short due to an unwelcome trip or fall.

To keep you on your feet, we’ve compiled some top tips for improving balance and reducing the chances of a minor fall or injury.

Balance Exercises – Taking the time to work on your balance can help with reducing the number of falls in the winter weather. Whenever you have a spare 5 minutes during the day, try the following - standing on one foot, walking heel to toe and side leg raises. These are some of the good ways of improving your balance and lower body strength in preparation for wintery weather[i].

Regular eye tests – It’s important to go for regular eye checkups which are recommended every 2 years. This not only helps to detect changes in vision but it can also help with identifying early signs of eye conditions before you are aware of any symptoms[ii]. Additionally, it will aid you in spotting any hidden twigs on a winter walk that may cause a trip.

Wear shoes with grip – Sturdy shoes with a strong grip can help to reduce the chances of a fall should you come into contact with ice while out and about.  Flat footwear with rubber soles provides better traction over leather-soled or high-heeled shoes[iii]. If you’re heading out for the day or night, and walking to where you’re going you can always change your shoes once you get there. No one will be any the wiser that you were trudging determinedly beforehand.

Stay focused when out and about - Make sure you always pay attention to your surroundings. When it’s cold and windy we often have a tendency to lower our heads in a bid to brace against the weather[iv]. This obstructs our vision, increasing the chances of walking into someone and not spotting ice. If you’re in a rush to get somewhere this winter, put safety first and take your time in getting to where you are going. This can help to avoid falls and keep you on your feet

If you do have a minor fall this winter and end up with a bruise, then Nelsons® arnicare® arnica cream is ideal to have to hand . It is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in bruises exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Contains Arnica montana. Always read the label.