party legs

Party Season Legs

Check out our tips for getting your legs ready for the busy Christmas Party season.

It’s the hot gossip of the office; everyone’s deciding what to wear and anticipating the night’s events. Yes, it’s Christmas party season so it’s time to dare to bare your legs in that new outfit!

When winter approaches, we inevitably hide our legs away, covering them up in jeans and black tights. Maintaining perfect pins becomes less of a priority and we stop the regular regime of exfoliating, shaving and moisturising.

So how can we ensure our legs are in tip top condition and ready to come out of hiding in time for the Christmas party? Follow our tips below and you can dare to bare with ease and look like a winter wonder for the night.

  • Moisturise - Using a rich moisturiser overnight can work wonders for undernourished legs allowing you to reveal smooth pins in the morning
  • Exfoliate – Supermodels such as Elle McPhearson swear by exfoliating daily. Dry brushing is also a good option as it helps increase circulation and smooth out any lumps and bumps.
  • Tan – Consider a light winter tan. Salons offer shades tailored to the kind of glow you’d like for the season, so a light colour will help cover up any small imperfections.
  • Pedicure – Neglected feet need to be shown a bit of love before being revealed and a pedicure is the perfect way to get them back in shape.

None of these tips will however help you with an unsightly bruise, not even a light tan, so why not try Nelsons® arnicare® Arnica cream for bruises.

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