jenni falconer

Talking Fitness with Jenni Falconer

In our exclusive Q&A Jenni Falconer shares her top health and fitness tips.

TV presenter and Heart FM Radio DJ Jenni Falconer loves to train outside in a natural environment.  The running enthusiast and self-confessed fitness fanatic has run The London Marathon five times and often feels her best when at peak physical fitness. In our exclusive Q&A Jenni shares her top health and fitness tips!

What are your top health tips?

Try not to put it off. Delaying going for that run or finding an excuse to do it later, often results in it not happening at all. The hardest part is leaving the house. Once you're out there, you've committed yourself and it's easy!

Also, try to work out what time of day you'll be able to commit to exercise. For me it's after work early in the morning before breakfast and mummy duty starts.  It's a great way to start the day for me and also most days I can commit to this time. And with a routine, I'm more likely to actually do it!

What is the best piece of health advice you have ever received?

Everything in moderation is better rather than eliminating things altogether. The minute you say 'no chocolate', chances are all you'll crave is chocolate. 

Who is your fitness inspiration and why?

I'm rather in awe of and inspired by Paula Radcliffe. A mum, in her 40’s and still running marathons at a very impressive pace! She's running London again this year. I know I'll never win The London Marathon, nor be an elite sportswoman like her but I love the fact that I can participate in the same, iconic event and feel like an athlete for the day!

What is your warm up/cool down routine?

Stretching beforehand, gentle jogging to start and then more stretching and using the foam roller afterwards. Coupled with using Nelsons arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel and a hot shower!

How do you know when you have pushed yourself too far?

If I push myself too far I tend to phone my husband and ask him to come and pick me up! Last year I phoned him one day;  it was raining, I'd run 18 miles, I was freezing, aching muscles and desperately wanted to be at home. I said 'please come and get me'! I was only a mile away.  He turned up with a digestive biscuit and a bottle of water. That's love! Haha! 

I also know when I come home I need food... I usually have a Chocolate protein shake immediately and then some scrambled eggs after a shower. I know I've pushed myself too far when I fall asleep. There have been times when I've been so exhausted after a long training run that I've curled up on the bed straight after my shower and woken up a few hours later!

How to you fit your exercise around your family and work commitments?

It's tricky and there are a lot of us parents who are trying to find the best solution. I train in the mornings after work and do my long runs on the days my little girl is at nursery. My daughter has to put up with me fresh from a run! I never look glam like some of the other mums! Also I try to do my main training Monday - Friday, leaving Saturday as a family day and Sunday if possible. If I haven't managed to do all my training in the week, then I try to finish it on a Sunday morning. 

Do you follow a strict diet?

No strict diet, just everything in moderation. I definitely consume more protein shakes and I cut down on alcohol and sugary things. I also focus on more protein at meals. I don't overdo the carbs because I don't want to feel too bulked up on stodge for running - it doesn't help me and makes me feel lethargic.  

What do you do to relax?

Sleep, watch TV and films, hang out with my family and go for lunch with friends! Perfect.